Sigma Energy is Sigma sa affiliated company , founded on 2011. Foundation main target is proceeding to other than Sigma sa activiites,i.e. from solar water heaters manufacture  to electric energy projects study , development , implementation and management based on Renewable Energies .

Company focused on all development , management and exploitation stages of Energy projects , starting with study , design , building and installation , function and inspection and on the other hand maintenance , expansion and overall electric power plants management.
Sigma Energy administration portfolio deals with PV parks and Biogas plants through anaerobic digestion. Sigma  Energy crew is a team of well trained Technical and Financial analysts, experienced both in the Business Environment and Renewable Energies .

Sigma  Energy strategy aims at fast evolvement and establishment in the Electric Power production through Renewable Energies. Sigma  Energy business plan , for the next 5 years is focused on finding investment and development projects in the Renewable Energies sector ,both in Greece and abroad.

Main targets:
•  Investments research through development process in new markets.